Thursday, October 15, 2015

All about nature RR

Ravnovesie Lake and Mt. Belukha, Russia. Sent by Aleksandr. 

All about nature RR

Katun River & Mt. Lukovka, Russia. From Sasha. 

All about nature RR

The Berchtesgadener Alps, located in the south eastern part of Germany, from Susanne.

All about nature RR

From Ilse!

Matryoshka doll from Russia, sent by Maria. 

Fried Dough Twists

Lee from Beijing sent me a postcard with her favourite snacks :) looks good! 


A detail from Minsk, Belarus. Sent by Anna.

Homel region

Postcard showing a map of one of the six regions in Belarus - Homel region. From Elena.

Autumn tree

Park Muzakowski in Poland, from Roksana.

Kitty cat

Aleksa from Latvia knows I love cats :)